Senior Werewolf Correspondent

Mar 8

For International Women’s Day, I’m going to recommend, as usual, that my followers pick Volume One of Saga (still only $5.55 on Amazon!)

Despite some minor issues, the series already features some wonderful and diverse women characters! Plus the art is fabulous, the writing and world building are incredible, and basically if you’re not reading this series, you’re wrong.

In terms of current series, I personally also love Fearless Defenders, Captain Marvel, and FF, and I’m pretty stoked for Brian Wood’s X-Men series. I’ve heard great things about Wood’s mini-series called Mara as well. Journey into Mystery isn’t my personal cup of tea, but if you’re a Sif fan, you may enjoy it (the art is pretty fabulous and it can be pretty funny).

Alison Bechdel had a new book last year called Are You My Mother last year, which I haven’t read, but her Fun Home is a really incredible read.

So yeah. Ladies in comics. Woo!